Beautiful custom built websites.

Hi, my name is Henry Egloff and I'm a web designer based in Bangalow Australia. I've been building websites for almost 20 years and I'm passionate about building top quality websites.

Wordpress Websites

I specialise in designing and coding custom built Wordpress websites and online stores. My aim is to create websites that look and function exactly how you want them to. I can also help tweak and resolve any issues with your current website.

Website Optimisation

These days you really need a website that is easily found on Google, that downloads quickly over a mobile network, and that functions brilliantly on any device. Test your website now and see how it performs. I enjoy fine tuning and optimising websites for the best possible results.

Wordpress Training

I hold a Certificate IV in workplace training and assessment and have been teaching website design and web development at the North Coast Institute of Technology for 10 years.

I can teach you how work with the web, including social media integration, content development, managing and maintaining your website, and working with Google.

Why Me?

If you are going to pay good money to have a website professionally built you really need to be sure that the web developer knows what they are doing.

Over the years I have seen many dodgy websites that people have paid good money for. This is because a lot of web developers don't have a background in design or coding and simply throw together their websites using templates and farm out the coding work.

I’m all about providing a genuine top quality web design and development service. The difference is that I do all the coding and design work myself and that I focus on the design as a creative and artistic process.

I place great value on the unique look and feel of each website, as well as the structure and the nature of content, the narrative conveyed in the website, and the user experience as both visitors and administrators. My ultimate goal is to achieve a successful outcome for my clients.